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An innovative pan-European trading venue, offering 24-hour market access.


An innovative pan-European trading venue, offering 24-hour market access.

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Introducing a pioneering new 24-hour trading venue to the market, providing a straightforward way to trade securitised derivatives.

Our vision is to be truly multilateral with innovation at our heart. With our multi-issuer approach, we intend to offer a range of short to long-term products. Our first product to market being the turbo24.


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Retail focus

Designed with a retail investor ethos at its heart, with dedicated liquidity controls across all markets.


Committed to providing efficient access and fairness within a safe trading environment.


An intuitive, transparent trading venue that defies convention – with robust technology.


Because the markets don’t close when the sun sets

It’s time for retail investors to gain seamless market access, 24 hours a day, five days a week. Spectrum offers the freedom to trade a range of highly liquid currency pairs, indices and commodities continuously  ̶̶  with the ability to trade day or night.  


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A new dawn in retail trading

Drawing on an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment, Spectrum has answered the call to meet the never-ending demand for safer and more sophisticated trading – challenging the status quo and building a brighter future for the retail trading community across Europe.


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Follow us into the future

Our vision is to light up the potential within people, technology and markets, removing complexities and overcoming convention.

Spectrum is destined to become your indispensable partner, revealing a brave new world of opportunities. Get in touch to learn more about becoming a member today.

Spectrum – transforming the world of trading.


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“A venue for the retail investor, designed by those closest to the retail investor”

Nicky Maan, CEO Spectrum