Spectrum European Retail Investor Index (SERIX®)

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The SERIX® is a pan-European client sentiment that informs as to whether retail investors have speculated on a rising or falling market. Use the SERIX® to compare how the client sentiment has changed (in terms of directionality or strength of sentiment) over time on a monthly basis.

  • A transparent view of investor speculation based on real retail investors trades
  • Insight into month-on-month trends at a glance
  • A comparison for your market assessment against that of other market players

The Calculation

The calculation is centred around 100. An index figure of >100 represents a bullish sentiment where more investors expect a rising market. An index figure of <100 represents a bearish sentiment where more investors expect the market to fall.

How SERIX® is calculated

Long instruments

Short instruments


300 trades

150 trades


200 trades

350 trades


1000 trades

The further away the index figure is from the centre point (100), the stronger the sentiment. 



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