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Equities on Turbos have arrived. This new trading opportunity – alongside indices, currencies and commodities – extends our Turbo offering and answers the call from retail clients across Europe. Spectrum are introducing an initial selection of the most-traded stocks from the USA and Europe.

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Our less is more approach is designed to keep things simple, focusing on a select, relevant product range. Years of experience have gone into developing our sophisticated technology, allowing access to the most relevant opportunities across the world’s key markets.

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Turbos enable equity investors to hedge their positions and, due to the underlying leverage of Turbos, this also allows retail investors to spend a fraction of the stock price to get exposure to movements in the underlying equity price.

Equities on turbos

4 reasons to trade Equity Turbos with Spectrum

  • No currency risk for Euro traders
  • Full transparency with access to all market and master data
  • Leverage-enabled participation in higher value stocks
  • 100% focused on the retail investor; selected shares will be added in response to market demand


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