Spectrum Markets introduces 24-hours a day, five days a week turbo trading on cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies available on Spectrum Markets

Financial institutions can now offer European retail investor clients the opportunity to trade turbo warrants on cryptocurrencies on-venue 24-hours a day, five days a week within a regulated environment - another first for the European market from Spectrum Markets. Long and short leveraged exposure to the two most popular cryptocurrencies - bitcoin and ethereum - can now be traded as underlying markets via the turbo product within our innovative venue.

The ability to trade overnight is particularly important to retail investors interested in this asset class, as it reduces the gap risk presented by the 24-hour nature of cryptocurrencies, while trading on a regulated venue introduces greater transparency and investor protection compared to many alternatives.

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Responding to retail investor demand
Spectrum Markets believes in keeping things simple, focusing on a product range relevant to the demands of the retail investor. We have chosen to introduce trading on bitcoin and ethereum as these are the most liquid and the most in-demand cryptocurrency assets.

“We are proud to continue our track record of innovating to provide a better way for Europe’s retail investors, and this launch responds to very strong demand for versatile exposure to cryptocurrencies.” Nicky Maan, CEO, Spectrum Markets.

    Why Spectrum?
    The Spectrum 24-hour retail offering is truly seamless and the first to offer 24/5 turbo products in two cryptocurrencies on a regulated venue.

    • Trade overnight five days a week, retail investors benefit from a reduction in the gap risk presented by the 24-hour nature of cryptocurrencies
    • The opportunity to take long or short positions
    • Greater transparency and investor protection compared to many alternatives. Spectrum Markets is regulated as an MTF, allowing customers to see every price and all volume, enabling more informed decisions in varying market conditions
    • Using turbos to access cryptocurrencies reduces complexity, not requiring the use of a crypto wallet
    • Zero transaction, market data, market clearing and network connectivity fees, savings which financial institutions and brokers can pass on to their retail investors or reinvest in added value services

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    Why turbo products?
    Turbos allow a position to be taken on an underlying asset, investors can get exposure to both rising and falling prices without having to physically own the asset themselves. Trading cryptocurrencies using the turbo product is an alternative to the direct trading of cryptos - the retail investor can gain exposure to cryptocurrencies without having to make the minimum investment that a direct crypto investment would require, meaning better liquidity and no safekeeping/storage risk.

    “We firmly believe there will continue to be a role for digital assets in retail investor portfolios and we look forward to introducing further innovations and opportunities in this space.” Nicky Maan, CEO, Spectrum Markets.


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