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About us

Partnering with the retail community in pursuit of greater access to market opportunities.

An exchange for the better

Spectrum is a new multilateral trading facility with a difference. Tailored specifically for the retail investor, it provides a more flexible, efficient way to trade securitised derivatives. Our approach and dedication to innovation allow us to offer continuous trading around the clock, including complete transparency and control.

Spectrum is proud to introduce access to the world’s first 24-hour turbo warrant – turbo24s – unlocking access to global markets for retail investors. Our aim is to become your indispensable partner in the pursuit of greater access to market opportunities.

European headquartered

We have chosen to establish our business in Frankfurt, Germany, giving us a firm foundation on which to access sophisticated retail investors across Europe. BaFin authorised, our venue provides honest, trustworthy access.

Robust Technology

We apply cutting-edge technology to ensure the exchange can swiftly and safely match thousands of orders and quotes every second.

Retail Focussed

Spectrum is one of a kind, designed with the retail investor at the forefront of any decision. With clear non-discretionary price formation, transparency pre and post trade and retail focused liquidity, we make sure the market continues to flow.


Our corporate brochure is now available for download. The brochure details who we are, the Spectrum offering and the benefits to our customers. Feel free to download and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.



Our experienced team

Working with you to unlock future opportunity, we are proud to have brought together a talented and experienced team led by our CEO Nicky Maan.

Nicky's vision for the next five years is to be the most important trading platform for retail investors.


Meet the team


A history of doing different

As the latest in a long line of trader-focused innovations from the IG Group, we can call on over 45 years’ of highly successful retail investor experience. Rooted in this experience, but very much our own business, with unique characteristics and a distinct identity. We recognise that innovation is key to unlocking more opportunities for financial institutions and their retail investors, and we are excited to introduce a pioneering new 24-hour trading venue to the market. 

And as part of the IG Group family, we share its ethos that integrity, fairness and trust are as important to success as creativity, innovation and efficiency.